Funky Circles & Doodles Planner


24 purple-y pages for you to dream & plan, list, track and journal about your daily life!

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My Funky Circles & Doodles Planner comes in shades of – you guessed it – purple! It is 24 pages total including the cover page there are two Daily Planner pages, a To Do List page, a Weekly planner page, and a Weekly To Do List page. Pages for your Appointments, Monthly Goals, Checklists, and a Password Tracker page follows.

From there, the planner focuses on you with a My Favorites page, a My Bucket List page, two pages for you to address your beloved, a Family Events page, a Reading List page, an Idea Page, and a List Page for whatever you choose or need to list. Then there’s a Habit Tracker page, another To Do page (you never can have too many!), a Meal Planner page, and a Recipe Card page. The planner ends with two pages for journaling.

Important note: This product comes as a PDF file that you view & download from The pages are US Letter size – 8.5″ x 11″, and have a small white border on each page for you to print at home (or a print shop, if you prefer). After checkout, you will receive a link to the file at Dropbox.