Manifesting with the Moon Guide & Moon Phases Planner


The Manifesting with the Moon Guide is 15 pages total and describes how to best manifest during the phases of the moon.  The Moon Phases Planner is 27 pages of manifesting goodness with some special extras!

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Since ancient times many cultures believe that the moon has magical powers to assist in manifesting positive things into fruition. The moon’s monthly lunar cycle consists of four moon phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.

The moon waxes from small to big, increasing in energy and waning back from big to low, decreasing in power each month. Moon rituals are used during these moon phases to manifest anything you want. Knowing how to use the moon phases and moon rituals help you manifest whatever you desire.

The Manifesting with the Moon Guide is 15 pages total including the cover and disclaimer pages and is embellished with tasteful moon themed graphics inside. The first section describes four moon phases rituals to manifest what you want; then you will learn the best moon phase for manifesting and how to do it. Next is a description of the spiritual meaning of the new moon and a simple ritual to do at that time. The last part gives the 5 best practices to do in order to manifest under a new moon. The guide ends with a cute quarter moon with clouds coloring page.

The Moon Phases Planner is 27 pages total including the cover & ‘This belongs to…’ pages. It begins with a chart that describes the properties of the phases of the moon and a page each for the new moon and full moon tarot spreads. From there you have a planner page for each phases of the moon followed by a page for your moon phases manifesting notes. Two monthly moon calendar pages in two styles along with two monthly moon phases tracker pages are also included. A journal page, a daily planner page, and a mood tracker page completes the planner proper.

As a special treat, I’ve included a girl gazing at the moon image and a quote poster page – both suitable-for-framing. And, you have a lined and and an unlined journal page – each with a nice moon embellished border.

Important note: This product comes as two PDF files that you view & download from The pages are US Letter size – 8.5″ x 11″, and have a small white border on each page for you to print at home (or a print shop, if you prefer). After checkout, you will receive links to the file at Dropbox.