Manifest Your Desires Guide & Energy Manifesting Planner


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Attracting what you want into your life is about sending out what you want to receive. By using your energy, values, beliefs, and mindset, you can send powerful messages to the world and your higher self, which can transform what happens to you in the future.  Therefore, manifesting your dreams starts by asking for what you want, sending messages to the universe that communicate your desires and goals in ways that help you achieve your dreams.

But, how do you send a message so big?  And, how do you do it a way that it will be heard and understood? There are many ways to ask for what you want. The absolute best way is to visualize and plan for it!  And this is exactly what this manifesting your desires guide & planner will help you do – manifest what you want.

The 11-page Manifest Your Desires Guide is expertly researched and well-written. It is also nicely formatted, easy to read, and describes five steps for you to take so to create & manifest your dream reality.

The 21-page Change Your Energy to Manifest What You Want Planner is thoughtfully designed with watercolor graphics and consists of colorful pages for manifesting daily, weekly, and monthly. There are also pages for manifesting goals, focus, and a manifesting checklist – all giving you the prompts, guidance, and structure you need for planning & manifesting your dream life. There are also pages for Life Areas, Wish List, Letting Go, Receiving In, Celebrations & Rewards. A Vision Board page, Affirmation Cards and Manifesting Checks are also included.

Important note: This product comes as two PDF files that you view & download from The pages are US Letter size – 8.5″ x 11″, and have a small white border on each page for you to print at home (or a print shop, if you prefer). After checkout, you will receive links to the file at Dropbox.